Sonos Wins Against ...
Sonos Wins Against Google As Judge Rules They Infringed FIVE Patents
Sonos Wins Against Google As Judge Rules They Infringed FIVE Patents
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Like its predecessor, the fully waterproof Wonderboom 2 with Bluetooth connectivity carries a list price of $100, but often sells for less.  
For those customers intending to take their Lotus remake back to the track, there's a built in data logger and configurable displays the simplify the digital instrument cluster to show speed, gear selection and lap times for when they're hurtling around a circuit.  
Under the guise of new owners, who include 2009 F1 champion Jenson Button, TV vehicle restorer Ant Anstead and designer Mark Stubbs, it has unveiled its Radford Type 62-2 - a modernised road-legal version of the 1969 Lotus Type 62 racer.  
Chrissy's Cravings cookwear has since been pulled from Macy's, Target, and Bloomingdale's; she stepped down as co-founder of the cleaning brand Safely; and dropped out of a narrating gig for Netflix's Never Have I Ever.  
One gift shop owner described it as a 'kick in the teeth' as they struggled to pay their business rates in the aftermath of COVID lockdowns.  
This Bluetooth device also has 30% better battery life -- lasting up to 13 hours at moderate volume levels, according to Ultimate Ears -- and you can link two together to create a stereo sound pairing by pressing a button on each speaker. (I kept the bass boost on at all times because the speaker sounds better with bass boost on.) It can't compete against bigger and more expensive speakers like JBL's Boombox 2 ($400) and  ($400), but it packs a lot more volume and punch than more compact Bluetooth speakers like JBL's Flip 5 that cost around the same.  
It's not cheap, but its sound quality is better than a lot of the jumbo portable speakers on the market right now.  
Radford, the swinging sixties coachbuilder best known for creating bespoke Minis for the Beatles, Peter Sellers and other celebrities, has made a comeback in 2021 - and its first new model is going to be something a little special.  
'Google has thrown everything at us in this case, but we believe that the evidence before the ITC demonstrates Google to be a serial infringer of Sonos' valid patents and that the ITC case represents just the tip of the iceberg,' Sonos Chief Legal Officer Eddie Lazarus said in an earnings call Wednesday.  
The JBL Go 3 has a completely new look -- it's now covered in durable fabric instead of having the naked plastic design of its Go predecessors -- and that new design coupled with surprisingly decent sound for its small size makes the Go 3 ($40) one of the top micro Bluetooth speakers out there.  
Anker says the Motion Boom delivers "huge stereo sound" and yes, it plays pretty loud and has a decent amount of bass with reasonable clarity. He did not detail the reasoning for his decision, but ruled that Google had violated a statute of the Tariff Act of 1930.  
David Carnoy/CNET  
The JBL Bluetooth speaker that received the biggest improvements for 2021 is among the company's smallest.  
Shop owners and restauranteurs told MailOnline how XR's impromptu stunt of setting up the table across a busy junction in London's West End and having thousands of supporters swarm the area unexpectedly had cost them potentially thousands of pounds.  
International Trade Commission Judge Charles Bullock on Friday announced his preliminary findings, free music ruling that Google should not be allowed to import products that violate Sonos's intellectual property.  
The law aims to prevent unfair competition through actions such as the import of products that infringe on U.S.  
However, a spokesperson from XR shifted the blame onto police in a statement released this afternoon.  
We want those devices to work with each other seamlessly,' she said.  'In a few years, people might easily have 20 or more connected devices in their homes - from a vacuum and a fridge to speakers and lights.  
Senator Amy Klobuchar, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee's antitrust subcommittee, noted that Amazon had more than 50 per cent of the smart speaker market while Google had 30 per cent, and stressed the importance of interoperability.  
It also travels well, so it's ideal for a beach excursion or free music a little tailgating.  
While the speaker drivers remain the same, the Qualcomm chipset that powers the speaker has been upgraded (the speaker uses Bluetooth 5.1), bumping the sound quality a tad, particularly at higher volumes, with better digital signal processing.  
David Carnoy/CNET  
Ultimate Ears Boom Bluetooth speakers come in a few different sizes, but none of them are as big as the all-new Hyberboom.  
patents, trademarks or copyrights.  
What's different is the IP67 rating that means it's dust-proof, more shock-resistant and also able to float. A supersize wireless speaker that tips the scales at a hefty 13 pounds, the Hyperboom makes the  look unquestionably puny.  
It remains one of the best-sounding mini Bluetooth speakers, with richer more tonally balanced sound than other Bluetooth speakers its size -- and it should sound good, considering its elevated price point.



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